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Quiz mania and the mint

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seal! | 16:21 Mon 07th Aug 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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perhapse two of the greatest TV shows ever, but how do the make any money? somebody said its throught the calls they recieve but most nights they give away over 30000 and some nights even over 100000, i cant see how they could make that money just through callers especialy as people are charged per call and not per minute.


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On �1 per call numbers, the station will more than likely get about 75p. I know that in the opening weeks, the ITV one took up to 200,000 calls on any 1 night. Thathas probably dropped off now, but I'm betting they cover costs fairly easily.
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It's 60p a call though
60p per call will probably earn them around the 42p mark. Do you know the average prize giving per night? If they took 200,000 calls then you're still looking at �84,000 made. If you only give away �30,000...
It is (the one I saw) 75 pence per call, whether you get through or not. So if say 5,000 dial up and get a 'sorry, you have not been selected' that's �3,750 in the pocket. If another 5,000 dial up and get a 'you have been shortlisted please hold', then a 'sorry you have not made the studio', thats another �3,750. Only about 5-20 people actually get selected to go through to the studio per game.

When they are not reaching the target income (i.e. no.of calls) then you will notice large gaps and lots of clues during live calls. It is the biggest swizz (and bore) currently on TV.
They make money on the idiots who keep phoning in every night. I know someone that spends �5 every night since day one of The mint & has not once got through. No ,it`s not me lol
On the cost, the Sun (yes, I know it's a comic but...) once worked out that that by using the various phone in's on ITV for a one day period could cost you more than the TV Licence.

I agree with all the other comments - this is cheap telly for them but costs the public - often those who can ill afford it - a fortune.
I know from experiance (Ftn's Quiz night live) if your on hold or don't evan get through you still have to pay.

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Quiz mania and the mint

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