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A place in Spain/Greece.

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tinshed | 20:39 Mon 17th Apr 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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Does anybody know if the couple from this program actually bought a place to live in spain. Lee and Cheryl they were called, they had a mad idea to start a snail farm and were looking for 4 years to buy somewhere.

Also anyone know what happened to the gay couple who moved to corfu (i think it was) in the program a place in Greece. Do they still live there?




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It's been a while since those series were on i think, but if i remember correctly...

* Lee and Cheryl did buy a property and start their snail farm! What I want to know is there a big market out there for snails? I just didn't get it!

* The gay couple were still living in Greece, but they had a big falling out with the husband and wife who they had purchased the house with. One of the blokes (the bigger one) became a manager of a local bar to try and get some extra income (I think they were struggling when it wasn't the tourist season) but I seem to recall that it wasn't a huge success!

Lee and Cheryl did buy some land and half-heartedly make a start, but they ended up back in the UK on a trout farm, living in a cold caravan.

I would love to keep up with their news. Cheryl is a saint!

Brian and Andrew were last seen in Greece, struggling to make ends meet. Both seemed quite depressed.
I don't know how the situation with Pete and Lesley ended - they did seem to be the ones to lose out.

I hope they are all doing well.

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A place in Spain/Greece.

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