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Music on Jamie's Kitchen

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Marguerite | 22:43 Tue 10th Dec 2002 | Film, Media & TV
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Hi - does anyone know what the sample of music used in TV programme 'Jamie's Kitchen' is? Sounds a bit like opening bars of Blur's The End...


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Well, i don't know the Blur track you mention, but nearly all of the music throughout the series is by Lemon Jelly. You can listen to clips at their website - The only non-Lemon Jelly track i remember was on the last episode in the series, and that was "Words" by "Doves". It wasn't that one was it?
Hi, i originally posted this in your question in the Adverts section, but the question has been removed so you might not have seen the answer i gave. I think the music (with the arpeggios) might be "His Majesty King Raam" by Lemon Jelly. You can hear a clip of it on their website, the link to which is in the above post. Hope it's the one!

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Music on Jamie's Kitchen

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