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anthea turner - perfect housewife - doing herself no favours with this show??

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joko | 23:10 Mon 20th Feb 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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i reckon anthea's probably got a few good and useful tips to offer, but her shouty and neurotic attitude and weirdly anal attention to detail is a little over the top.

i don't think she is doing herself any favours with this series, as she comes across as a bit obsessive/compulsive/control freak. I find it strange that she steals another womans husband, advertises chocolate bars on her wedding day, yet thinks because she is super neat that she is a superior person - and looks horrified at the contestants, as though they are not good enough for her.

2 women went to her because their houses were in a real state and had got too much for them to deal with - and she teaches them how to fold towels so that the edges don't show!! then she told them how to make a tea party. then she went on about using wooden hangers not plastic or metal, and how you must only have white sheets on your bed!!! i'm sure that solved all their problems!

at least this week she taught one of them about recycling.

i also don't believe for a minute that she cleans that massive house all herself - she probably has a fleet of cleaners working round the clock.
its a good show though.

what do you reckon??



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As far as I'm concerned, Anthea Turner is a turn off!

I was switching channels on cable & only managed to watch 5 minutes of that tripe - I soon buried my head back into my book!

Although I dont think myself to be a girl power type woman, the idea of this programme insults me. Why on earth would you want or need to watch a programme abuot how to keep your house lol. T.V really is getting stupid and desperate. I have just seen an advert for a programme watching people go cold turkey, not a nice thing to see - they will do anything for ratings these days.

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I agree greedyfly - this is not the 1950s! what kind of person wants to spend their life doing pointless little cleaning rituals?

she claims it actually saves time in the long run, but how does the way you fold your towels save time?

how does wiping the tops of doors once a week take less time than once every 2-3 months? its not like you have to scrub it - who sees it anyway.

if nothing else its a waste of cleaning products.

what is interesting is i enjoyed it not for the reason the producers or anthea intended - it is amusing to watch anthea getting stressed and fuming and outraged at dust on the top of a door or something, and sincerely telling someone how to prepare a tea party for the queen - as though it will solve all their problems.

its funny too when on of the women just can't get their head around her fussyness and makes sarcastic comments - they get told off! and always lose - funny that.

i think anyone with this kind of obsessiveness is seriously masking some deeper problems


Let's be realistic. Anthea doesn't write the show - she delivers the lines written by a team of writers and Okayed by the production team so the content isn't her fault.

I agree, however, that her delivery could be a bit more natural. Again, one should ask questions of the director whose responsibility this is. Don't forget Anthea Turner's career has been in freefall for years now to the extent where last year she couldn't even get a booking to open a supermarket. If she seems a little over-zealous you might give her a bit of leeway. Imagine what it is like to be unable to get work for years then be given a job - I think we would all be super-keen to impress, don't you?

Finally No, I am no relation to Anthea, nor am I a fan. I just think that people are often too quick to criticise.

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i disagree.

the whole show is based on antheas personality regarding her obsessive cleaning, which we saw on CBB - we know she is really like this. she is not merely a presenter - the show wouldn't work without someone like her.

the director will have control and final say, but anthea will have most input about content and what happens in it.

the script will be followed purely for the show to move ahead but reactions and dialogue with the contestants will be mostly ad libbed. she probably is encouraged to ham up her horror a bit, but you can tell she is genuinely horrified.

what you said about her career was exactly my point!

she has had a sorry career for a long time now and in order to get back into the public eye she chooses a show where she comes across as a superior, neurotic control freak, who, quite openly, looks down on anyone whose house isn't a show home - hardly going to make her popular is it?

i also did not slate the show - i said i liked it, i just think she could express disgust in a more friendly and likable way instead of a school maam who has just scraped something off her shoe

Airing other peoples laundry in public??? She should sort out her own.............

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anthea turner - perfect housewife - doing herself no favours with this show??

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