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Dickinson's Real Deal

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davebro3 | 15:53 Mon 10th Jun 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Why do they always finish with a gold deal? It's predictable & boring! They weigh it / value it as bullion / buy it leaving the dealer a 10% profit. ALWAYS. It never goes to auction.

No imagination some folks.



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It's television. 

Clearly the format works, because a section of viewers like an element of predictability in their relaxing TV shows. 

Yes, daytime telly for the masses - so no surprises, please!

(Our TV is never on til about never get to see such stuff).



Do they still have that disgusting woman on who gets the cash from her bra (yuk).



^milking it for all it's worth, eh?

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I think the dealers being a bit characterful (just about) makes the show really. I used to like Ian Towning but he's not on any more.

Yes the bra woman still performs. Mind you I guess some of the shows are a bit dated.

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Dickinson's Real Deal

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