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Fortune Hotel - Itv

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naomi24 | 13:11 Wed 15th May 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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A rip off of The Traitors - and as yet not such compulsive viewing - but hopefully it will pick up.  Has anyone else watched it so far?





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No, big fan of The Traitors but this did not appeal.  I've got at least 20 drama series recorded, waiting to be watched.  Currently watching Coma because Jason Watson always puts on a good show.

Not enough time to watch everything I want to see

I've been watching it, not sure if I'm enjoying it yet 🤔  I wonder if the producers chose some of the pairs simply because they're so annoying & frankly (tries to be polite) a bit...dim?

It hasn't grabbed me so far. i think contestants should be told not  to inform others what they have, or have been given. Mystery/ secrecy is important to build the tension both for the contestants and the audience

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Fortune Hotel - Itv

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