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Taking Over Smowball (Sorry Lol)

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JinnyJoan | 23:11 Wed 08th May 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Am in bed watching Youtube and many of small bits of the Golden Girls are showing up.  To me they were simply wonderful, script, timing between them all, clothes, comedy, sarcasm, innuendoes -  everything was just wonderful.

Having said that it came out around maybe 1985 and then there no subtitles so I didn't fully understand it then but boy I do now is simply wonderful.

Do have a few more other great comedies but to me they were the best.


MASH was my sister's very favourite but all through the years even the repeats were never ever subtitled but she said she loves it so much she could act it. 

Let you more (if you are interested) tomorrow as I am a little tired.



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I'll let you off lol.

Didn't seem very sorry 😉

Why not just add your comments to Snowballs post?

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done now Sadiebo (my friend's name) 

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Taking Over Smowball (Sorry Lol)

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