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hellywelly4 | 10:37 Sat 10th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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I watched this and am still not sure whether I enjoyed it or not! I couldn't sort out the two Indian actresses (both in police roles I think) and why did one of them wink at Rocky in the pub. What did other people think of it?



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I enjoyed it. Yes a bit far fetched but it was entertaining. One of the two was police edetective (knowing wink at Rocky as he was known to them) the other was museum curator. 
I must admit they did look similar.

Helly, i was thinking the same! Did enjoy it but couldn't work out if it was supposed to be funny in parts or not. (Maybe like a black comedy?).

But yes would have helped if the two ladies didnt look so similar. Took me till the 3rd episode to tell them apart.

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Finders Keepers Channel 5

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