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The Traitors Again - Spoiler

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naomi24 | 10:35 Thu 25th Jan 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Well, the last two evenings are upon us ....  I'll type the rest below so as not to spoil it for anyone.



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Well, Ross didn't last long - but having banished him, the Faithful seem blissfully unaware that there are still two traitors among them and are looking for just one.    Harry is smart - but does Andrew have his number and is he about to get too clever for his own good?   I am absolutely loving this programme.

I'm not scrolling down, having seen any of this week's yet - hope to catch up at lunch time.  

I haven't seen.....

I love this series.

Harry has played a very canny game but I dont think Andrew has the killer instinct. I suspect Mollie will quietly glide into the final by default.  Again I suspect a traitor will take the pot. My favourite, however, is Jaz

Question Author

Rosetta, I can't even hazard a guess who the winner will be.  I really want Harry to be caught - but in a way I don't.  He's playing such a good game.  I think Claudia hosts it brilliantly.


I read they're going to do a celebrity version.

Yes I saw that about a celebrity version, though that will depend on who they are. Would the murders be for realπŸ˜‰πŸ€¨πŸ€¨

Booo!  Just went to iPlayer to watch the final episode and it's not there 🀬🀬🀬🀬

I want Andrew to get rid of Harry

Question Author

Me too, Barry ...but

I dont think they put an episode on  iplayer before its aired on BBC1 otherwise I would have put myself out of my misery

Didn't they put the first three episodes on iPlayer after the first episode aired?  I thought they did

Question Author

Can't wait for the final tonight.  The Faithful are going to have to go some to get rid of both Traitors especially since they think there is only one in their midst!   It could well be a victory for one of them.

Question Author

Actually, I've forgotten how the final works.  Can they get rid of more than one person tonight?

They keep eliminating until those left state they believe there are no traitors at the table.  

Question Author

Thanks barry.  So they will have a chance to get rid of both Traitors - except they think there's only one - so once one is banished they're going to think they've cracked it.  Oh my goodness!

If it gets down to just Andrew and Harry, is one of them going to out the other?  Course they are

Question Author

I thought if it gets down to just the Traitors they share the pot.  There's no one to 'out' each other to.  

You could be right

Morning Faithfuls πŸ˜‰
I watched it last year and couldn't wait for it's return, It didn't disappoint. what happens the through the final is, some mission that the finals have to whittle out the traitors, I reckon Harry or Andrew will sway the group to getting either one out and at they keep going until Claudia asks them are they sure they can trust each other to be all faithful, if they do and Harry or Andrew are still in that group, the Faithfuls lose and Harry or Andrew walk away with the money. One of the traitors is going to have to get rid of the other 

Question Author

I wonder if the planned celebrity version will work as well?

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The Traitors Again - Spoiler

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