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bednobs | 21:34 Thu 28th Sep 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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anyone else watch this FAB programme>

ive been bingeing it whilst being off work with covid and finding it really funny



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I love the show and Greg Davies. My favourite was series 5 with Sally Phillips and Bob Mortimer. 
17:05 Fri 29th Sep 2023

I dip into it sometimes, it's a very funny snack but a bit too daft for a main meal. Besides, I sometimes wonder about these humorous contests whether the contestants have been given hints in advance.

I watch it, great fun

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i do wonder how it's filmed :)

does each person do all their tasks on one day i wnder? Is the theatre bit filmed at the same time with changes of clothes in between? how many do you reckon they fim in order to get it down to the five funniest ones?

I find it kind of hard to believe this was really improvised on the spot


'Tasks are filmed with each contestant separately in a house in Chiswick, London. However, Alex Horne's initial plan was to carry out the tasks in the comedians' houses, saying in an interview: "I didn't realise how impractical that would be both in terms of cost – and their lives."


Filming tasks takes roughly one day per contestant per episode, filming around eight tasks a day, with the days of filming spread out across several months. Before the studio filming, at Pinewood Studios, contestants are forbidden to discuss their tasks and are not shown any footage from the tasks, so that studio reactions are genuine.'

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thanks TCL

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i'm currently only up to series 5

Did you watch Greg's sitcom, The Cleaner?  I enjoyed it, it was a different format from most sitcoms

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no beause (before now) i've always disliked him

Oh.  I like his stand up shows, too, oft repeated. 

I never got into Taskmaster. A bit too silly for my sense of humour. I did like Greg Davies in The Cleaner, though.

Rose Matafeo is reason enough to watch. 😊

Did not enjoy the cleaner but have been a huge fan of taskmaster since the beginning also love his stand up show

Alex's wife is a newsreader on Chris Evans' breakfast show on Virgin radio. 

Alex's wife must have a great sense of humour given her involvement in some of the jokes on Alex over the years


She does. She's Irish. 

i usually enjoy this but found last nights boring x

I love the show and Greg Davies. My favourite was series 5 with Sally Phillips and Bob Mortimer. 

I see that Channel 4 are now showing Taskmaster New Zealand.

If you haven't watched any of it, I recommend that you do.  Once you get past the fact that it not Alex and Greg, you'll enjoy it.  

Some episodes are on YouTube, all 4 series are on DailyMotion.

Taskmaster Australia (only one series so far) is also available - filmed in the same location as new Zealand.

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