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£10 Poms Last Night

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smurfchops | 10:08 Mon 22nd May 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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I know it wasn’t real but I was very upset when the Aussie loud mouth punched his Alsatian and knocked him out. Anyone else agree? At least I hope it wasn’t real ..


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I was horrified smurf. Couldn't stop thinking about it and wonder if that sort of thing really went on. I watched all the episodes together and didn't really think much of the series.
In may have really happened but it certainly wasn't real in the programme.
It upset me, but, of course it wasn't real. I'm always more upset in films etc when animals are ill-treated, but not so bothered a out humans!

Actually, I'm sure it went on and, having spent some time in Australia I can say it doesn't surprise me.
We were just as bad, drowning kittens and puppies in canals and rivers. My family didnt but we knew it went on, we still seecases of animal cruelty going through the UK courts
I'm always bothered more about animals than humans as well mT. My daughter spent 3 years in Australia 98-01 and says the same. I've no idea if it's changed much now.
I was there in 2000. I have to say I was impressed with the Australian culture at all. No way would I live there. It was a holiday as such just living with a relative for a bit so I got a good idea what life was like. Dare I say I found them brash and somewhat uncouth.
I’m finding the series to be an eye opener Smurf, it must have been so hard for the indigenous people back then and even now I suspect,
The full 6 episodes can be seen on BBC I Player

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£10 Poms Last Night

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