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Desperate Measures - Channel 5 Drama

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DarceyK123 | 00:23 Wed 22nd Feb 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Is anyone watching this? Thought i would give it a go as nothing else on, quite enjoyed it.


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I've not been watching it. (Apart from three hours on New Year's Eve, I've not bothered turning my telly on at all for the past few months). However the Telegraph reviewer wasn't greatly impressed with it, only awarding it two stars out of five:
Fun fact, the title was changed from Frantic Footrules to attract a wider audience.
Watched it, but won't be watching any more. I just wasn't impressed
"nothing else on". Really? With all the channels available, streaming, catch-up and box-sets?

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Desperate Measures - Channel 5 Drama

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