Ridley Road. Anyone But Me Watched It?

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ladybirder | 21:28 Sun 24th Oct 2021 | Media & TV
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I've enjoyed it.


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Managed to suspend my disbelief, and quite enjoyed it - great production design. Bit confused at first about the ending, but the penny eventually dropped.
I watched the first episode tonight ... and then launched straight into the second. I'm liking it.
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Oh good glad both of you enjoyed it, well worth watching. I had watched 3 episodes on the trot then watched the last one tonight. Sorry it's finished. I like stuff based on true stories, brings some authenticity.
i didn't like it, i know it was based on true events, but somethings jarred, like Rory Kinnear, i didn't believe in him at all and as to Vivien, well she got a pasting off the thugs and then got up and ran away, artistic licence perhaps....
why did she have the German passport on the plane
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I agree the bit where she got such a good hiding and kicking and then ran off was unbelievable but other than that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Rory Kinnear was very good IMO.
FF as her and Jack were off to make a new life together in Israel I think that was a very good passport to have.
Well, I know how it ends now. ;o)

I really like Rory Kinnear. I've seen him in several things. Good actor.
I got bored very early on so have given up on it
Got bored half way through first episode, didn’t watch second, picked it up again on third and enjoyed it, watched last one and enjoyed that too.
Based on true events but apparently the main nasty bloke wasn’t as high profile as we’re led to believe in the tv series.
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Well done Vagus you got there in the end;-)

Crikey just read Colin Jordan died in Pateley Bridge where I used to live.
Mrs JtH and I were a bit confused by the nazi emblem on front of her 1962!
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Did you figure it out Jack? If so please let me know.
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On another mission?
Quite possibly.....she and her 'dead' beau travelling on documents forged by her dad and off to Tel Aviv.
But the eagle was atop a wreath enclosing a swastika.
Very odd.
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Oh goody, another series surely:-))

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Ridley Road. Anyone But Me Watched It?

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