Coranation Street Tonight (Spoiler Alert - Look Away Now If You Hav'nt Watched Yet)

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bobbinwales | 23:10 Mon 07th Dec 2020 | Media & TV
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Yasmeen's lawyer Imran was very impressive was'nt he tonight. But am sure that the prosecution solicitor in real life would of objected at the way Imran was questionning Geoff and would of pointed out Goeff was'nt on trial.

Am wondering what Geoffs planning before he flees to Cyprus. Maybe his going to get revenge on his first wife or Yasmeen.


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LOVED IT!!!!!!
I could tell you what he's planning, but I won't spoil it for you. The acting was superb tonight, Imran was on fire! Geoff's a good actor, I wanted to punch his lights out!! I cheered like a mad thing when Yasmeen was found not guilty. Thoroughly enjoyed it tonight ..
Margie can you give a link to the spoiler please then it's up to anyone if they click on it or not? Please.
Brilliant !! And followed by 60 years on the street
A real Corriefest
And I remember the first episode
lb I can't do links, but I typed something into Google a few days ago (someone on here did the same thing, but I can't remember who) and I'll try and think what it was I typed and let you know. The spoiler came up then.

Can anyone else help - Bobbie?
Oh not sure , I think it's something to do with fire?
Just finished the 60year thing too- FAB!!!

Question Author
That was tonights elliemay. Someone suggested a a few days ago something shocking linked to Geoffs story in the next week or so
SPOILER ........ (lb)

Got it lb. type in Google 'who is Geoff's girlfriend in Corrie'. Scroll down and what you want to know is near the bottom (Alya is mentioned).
Yes, that was tonight's ellie.
Lol thanks ellie - there you go lb.
It was FAB wasn't it tinks??
well that's given it away!
^What you on about, you didn't have to look!
brainiac you were told that there was a spoiler coming
The spoiler alert in the subject box refers to tonight's episode, not what might be happening in future episodes
Brainiac did you not read the first sentence of Margie's 22.25 and my 22.27 post?
I thought the whole thing has been done extremely well and Geoff is probably the most realistic 'baddie' Corrie has ever had. We know there are many 'Geoffs' in the world. Superb acting by Yasmeen, Geoff and Elaine especially. I loved it when Elaine put Geoff's barrister firmly in her place.
The trial was too short. After months after building up to the case it seemed we saw the edited highlights and I am a bit disappointed. No doubt others will be pleased they didn't drag it out. I would have liked to see at least some of the jury's deliberations, I wanted the defence to show more of Geoff's covert video recordings. I wanted neighbours to give evidence of just how much Yasmeen had changed since she arrived on the street and opened the community centre.
I wanted Sharif to have the decency to stand up and say what a strong woman Yasmeen had been throughout their marriage.

I was still cheering when the 'not guilty' verdict was delivered - and again when she lodged her complaint at the police station, though :)

All we want now is Emily Bishop to come back and spend a few nights camping at the old brewery, as she did up the tree all those years ago

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Coranation Street Tonight (Spoiler Alert - Look Away Now If You Hav'nt Watched Yet)

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