Jon Snows Very Hard Questions

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roopower | 20:50 Sat 07th Mar 2020 | Media & TV
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Anybody else watching this? (More4, Wednesdays) I really enjoy the programme and even get some points!


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I watched one episode and found the pace of the show very slow.
A good idea but needs speeding up a bit

Trying to rival only connect but quite entertaining
It's odd that it's on twice on the same night. Seen two of them earlier in the week and thought the first one seemed to drag.

In the round where they had to answer against the clock, I couldn't see any indication of how long they had or how close to the end they were.

I'd be surprised if a second series were made.
Watched a second episode on catch-up. Reinforced my earlier thoughts.
I record it and belt through it in about 15 mins! It amazes me how many times the team gets the right answer, then says 'lets use another clue to check!'.
I've not heard of this until now. Thanks. I'll take a look at it.
Isn't it annoying when JS explains the clues when they are self-evident?
Yes. Also when he keeps saying how many points they can get - over and over - when they are thinking.
Will carry on with it though as I like joining in and get some answers that the teams do not. Having said that, they get a lot that I do not!
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I quite like that it's a bit sliw - gives me thinking time but I agree there us a lot of repetition from Jon Snow

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Jon Snows Very Hard Questions

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