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Recordings Finishing Before End Of Programme.

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Vimto | 14:06 Tue 03rd Mar 2020 | Film, Media & TV
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I am experiencing a most irritable symptom on my television recordings.
When I record a programme, especially sports and snooker is the worst culprit it often occurs that although setting for the advised time I find the recording finishes before the end of the match which leaves me not knowing the result and no way of retrieving the situation. I have tried anticipating this by recording the next programme as well in case there is an overrun to no avail. All that happens is I see the one next on the schedules.
Can anyone help me with this and explain how I can avoid missing the end of an advertised transmission ?


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If you are with Sky,go into Settings and add 5 or 10 minutes to the end of recordings.
You can do the same on virgin need to tell us exactly how you are recording...on what equipment.
For example, on my Panasonic recorder you can add as much time as you like to the "finish" time when setting up the original recording...always a good idea when live sports are involved, because these very often over-run.
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Thank you all for your help and this is the way I record. I select the programme required and press record on my sky remote. Having looked at the options in sky setup there is a 'Add to end of Programme' but the maximum is 10minutes then it reverts to 'Automatic' and most times 10 minutes is just not enough when there's another frame of snooker to play. Maybe my sky box is just too old. Vimto
If its Eurosport then you are fighting a loosing battle!!!!

They don't seen to update the listing if something is running over.

There is an option on the Sky box to do a manual recording - you set the time you want to start and stop and the channel.

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Recordings Finishing Before End Of Programme.

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