Sneering Condescension, Thy Name Is...

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vetuste_ennemi | 23:32 Tue 06th Aug 2019 | Media & TV
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...Jenni Russell.

Just watching Sky's Press Preview with Ms Russell and Brendan O'Neill discussing Brexit. Apparently she writes for the Times and the Guardian.

I thought I'd seen it the acme of arrogance and Pharisaism with Witless and Wark on the BBC and the Channel 4 crowd, but this woman takes sanctimonious hypocrisy to e new level as the saying goes.


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So glad I wasn’t the only one. I switched over to the press preview on bbc news - she was so condescending. I’ve not seen her before and hope she won’t be on again. Never mind, it’s Andrew and Kevin tonight. (hopefully).
They just had the same pair on again last night. Brendan O'Neill could hardly get a word in edgeways, and when he did manage to say something she just sat there smirking at him until she got an opportunity to butt in again. A thoroughly unpleasant woman, and her attitude is typical of hard-line anti-democratic Remainers, who will do anything but accept the result of the referendum.
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Yes, saw it, Prospero.

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Sneering Condescension, Thy Name Is...

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