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weecalf | 10:57 Sun 19th May 2019 | Media & TV
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Why are hours and hours of viewing time wasted talking to MPs .We never get a straight answer ,the always swing it round so as to repeat what sounds good but nothing new ever comes out of these interviews . Has the last three years not shown us what politics is all about . The people need better .


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Politicians giving a straight answer ?

Now there's an oxymoron
Is that not partly the fault of those conducting the interview? Politicians are skilled at wasting time which means fewer questions can be asked.

Kenneth Clare has a tendency to ignore attempts to put further points to him and he drones on, complete with his "um, um, um" and "but, but, but" hesitations.
I don't think it's the fault of the interviewer

Politicians will simply not give a straight answer , nearly all the time , despite the interviewer repeatedly asking them the same question
I think there's lots of politicians on AB, a straight on here is almost impossible to get :)
I sometimes watch the Parliamentary channel on T.V. and I am amazed at all the waffling that goes on plus half of them sound as if they have swallowed a dictionary full of words that have never been used before . As weecalf said You end up shouting at telly , Just give us a straight bloody answer !
This is where we need the late lamented Brian Walden, an expert at pinning down elusive politicians - having been one, he knew how they operated!!
It's only "hours and hours of viewing time wasted" if you actually watch....if you don't watch, you haven't wasted any of your viewing time at all.
When MPs are elected they are operated on to remove the words Yes and No from the brains and a waffle gene implanted.

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Waste Of Time

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