[Avengers Infinity War Spoilers] Does Anyone Actually Agree With Thanos?

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anthro-nerd | 11:27 Tue 01st May 2018 | Media & TV
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So, in the new Avengers film, Infinity War, Thanos wants to eliminate half the population in the universe. He says it's over populated and draining resources, and with a click of his fingers he'll kill half... randomly, with no preference on rich or poor etc.

I know it's extreme, but I kinda see his logic here and don't really think it's all that terrible.... it's not something I would choose to do!! But cruel to be kind?


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Fairer to ask for volunteers - there'll be a few.
Spoilers much? :P

Also, no. The Universe is too big for his argument to ever be plausible.
You do know it's only pretend, don't you.
does thanos include himself in the fifty per cent cull when he clicks his fingers?

Well I think I might want to apply some form of selection who has tried that before?
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But if it's a drain on resources... isn't it just a cull? ... I know I'm being controversial here... but we do it to animals, like rabbits or cockroaches or flies, and and to weeds... when they take over... why should it be different for humans?

(again, not saying I agree, but I see the logic!)
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The logic depends on the resources being actually finite, which is true in theory but not in practice. It's the usual Malthusian argument, which also falls down because there tend to be more resources than people realise, or there are ways to make them go further, etc etc.

Side note: Why does this thread show one fewer post than there actually is? Weird.

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[Avengers Infinity War Spoilers] Does Anyone Actually Agree With Thanos?

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