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Wicked Game

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NellieMay | 22:22 Fri 13th Oct 2017 | Film, Media & TV
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Does anyone know which female singer it is that is singing this at the end of Cold Feet tonight?


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Is this the lady, like this anyway x
Question Author
No, not her, but thanks for trying. It's a really haunting voice.
Not followed the new series Nellie, I should do, loved the original. Sorry it's not the one, nice find for me though x
Question Author
I think I have found it! Try You Tube Grace Vardell. Beautiful voice.

Opening bars, gorgeous Nellie!!
^^^^ Beautiful x
Question Author
Thankyou Good Goalie. It's definitely her. And only 17. Wow!
Pretty sure it's Hannah Reid from London Gramnar
Question Author
I listened to that, but am pretty sure it is Grace Vardell. Both are good, but only Grace has that haunting voice.
Definitely Hannah Reid /
London Grammar. They've covered Wicked Game a few times and make it sound different each time.
Lydia Ainsworth
Question Author
I am now confused!
It is by London Grammar. It becomes obvious at the end when she goes high.
It's not Charlotte Cardin and it's not Grace Vardell.

Alicats, Clarionista and ronmanager are spot on; it's Hannah Reid/London Grammar.

p.s. it's ANSWERbank not GUESSbank (rolls eyes)
That's telling them.
It's London Grammar and the track is from the album The Saturday Session from The Dermot O'Leary Show 2014. I picked the track for the show.

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Wicked Game

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