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Person Of Interest Final Season

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yogi-bear | 21:03 Tue 21st Feb 2017 | Film, Media & TV
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Hi guys and ladies x

I can't remember which ABer was asking recently when this series was returning for its final season, but just seen trailer for it to start tomorrow night...Wednesday at 9:00pm on Five USA....Just thought I would give anyone who likes and follows the series a heads up.....(It's supposed to be the end of the show, so followers will not want to miss it )


Yogi :-)


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Thanks for that yogi-bear. It wasn't me who asked, but my daughter asked me to keep an eye out for it.. i didn't see the ad but I have seen your post (obviously) and have been able to let her know. One happy daughter.
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Hi cashier

You're most welcome......glad your daughter's happy about it returning, and enjoys it.

You would have thought Channel 5 would have put it on their schedules, but maybe will go there after the Five USA run.

Apparently only 13 episodes in this final season.
A good show from what I've seen, my eldest Bro highly recommends it. From what I have seen of the episodes dotted about here there and everywhere... think I'll have to start from episode one.
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Not a bad series at all, Arky, in my opinion....Jim Caviezel does his constipated Clint Eastwood impersonation admirably, and the guy from Lost is pretty good too..... storylines are decent and watchable, so quite enjoyed it so far.

Love this program but it has run its course its in danger of getting too repetitive.
Smooth, lol at the lead character he does indeed and of course I recognised the fella from lost with the few episodes that I've see,
Thanks yogi,just read your thread and I would have missed this tonight if you hadn't put it up!
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You're welcome, bunkmoreland......Hope you enjoyed it. :-)

We recorded it, as we're watching the excellent Roots remake on BBC4.
Overly loud background music was awful,causing sound to be pushed up to hear any chance of dialogue:-( We never had that problem before! Good episode,but I prefer "the numbers only" storylines tbh!

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Person Of Interest Final Season

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