Q I Elves- No Such Thing As The News

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bibblebub | 20:49 Wed 04th May 2016 | Media & TV
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There's an upcoming tv show No Such Thing As The News which is being produced by John Lloyd - it seems that it's going to be a tv version of the QI elves podcast No Such Thing As A Fish which I only recently came across because of another article about the new show. Anyone who likes QI should find the podcast to their liking too - the four elves each give an obscure piece of information and there follows a discussion (in front of an audience) of related weirdness. Here's the site for anyone who hasn't yet come across it (hope I'm not the last)


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This looks really good, bibblebub. Thanks for the link.
Ta Bibble, definitely worth a watch.
Question Author
I'm playing catchup with the podcasts and have only listened to a few so far and they're good fun.
News to me, Bibble and really appeals.....thank you...x

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Q I Elves- No Such Thing As The News

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