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Iamcazzy | 23:56 Fri 22nd Apr 2016 | Media & TV
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Classic mistake in Corrie tonight that seems to have missed the editor's eagle eye. In the first episode, Sally and Phelan are discussing issues about Freshco in the Bistro when Phelan flicks through a pile of leaflets she's show him. His arm seems to accidentally brush through the leaflets after he's touched the top printed leaflet and you can see that all the other leaflets below are blank.



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Didn't notice that. I did think it was a bit stupid to expect Phelan - or Tim - to deliver all those leaflets in time for a meeting due to begin within a couple of hours!
corrie is getting a bit boring at the moment, no storylines
Agree with Gina
Agree. Stupid storyline having Phelan wreck the community centre just to stop one meeting.
All the Councilor Sally business is boring me at the moment, read an article in the press the other day when the actress herself admitted she was embarrassed by some of her recent storylines.
I think that episode was a showcase for product placed coats. Some very nice coats were being worn by so many.
Agree, very boring at the moment. For the first time ever I don't care if I miss the next episode when two are on the same evening.
I cringed when Sally said her pyjamas were staying on!
Me too, lyn! Awful!

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Corrie Blooper Tonight

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