medical dramas-which is the best and which characters are the best

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Casualtybabe | 14:53 Fri 16th Sep 2005 | Media & TV
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my favourites are Casualty and Holby City
my favourite characters are Comfort Newton, Kelsey Philips and Sam Bateman
and my favourites from holby city are Jess Griffin, Mickie Hendrie and Dianne Lloyd
what are yours???


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I'd agree with the faves - expecially Jess Griffin, and the Sister played by Tina Hobley - she can nurse me any time!
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hey, did you know that nick jordan is rejoining the cast?

I prefer Casualty! Although i do love both! My faves would probs be Guppy from Casualty and from Holby City-Mubbs and Owen and Chrissie!


Just had to say those 2 episodes of Casualty on the Saturday then on the Sunday where the building collapsed were brilliant! That is Casualty at its best really! Loves it!

Was it only me crying at the end when the Iraqi guy turned up alive at the hospital ?
mickie......yummy!!! i am so loving the actress kelly adams that plays her! think she will be my mistress??? hope so!
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hey, believe me, Im a top fan, my real fav is Martina laird, I really want to be a paramedic when I leave school, so I have even chosen to have my top enemy teacher, just to do the history of medicine, its crazy, but.....
I really love it, and the part when tess saw the man that had helped her alive, I was nearly crying

do you remember "Angels". There was a blonde lady in it who later died in a car crash in "Eastenders" (wife of scottish Andy)

She was a honey bunny.

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Oh yes, does anyone know where I can watch the episodes of Angels?
it sounds but unfortunately I missed it a couple of years out since I wasnt born then I dont think
and do you know where I can see series 1 episode 1 of casualty, I seemed to miss that too

Jude, in casualty, played by lisa coleman!

the episode when she got stabbed made me cry for hours!

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what is everyones favourite storyline?

mine was the stalker tom harvey storyline

so spinechilling!

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medical dramas-which is the best and which characters are the best

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