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Eastenders - So Who Killed Lucy?

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MargoTester | 16:54 Tue 17th Feb 2015 | Film, Media & TV
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Yes I know a lot of you are not interested if so ignore the post. But for those who are, your suggestions please. I am going with:-
1 Cameron Bryant (Emma's ex boyfriend )
2 Jay
3 Ben



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I love Danny Dyer :-)

The 'get outta my pub' was a funny comment.
Question Author
And talking of dire - what about Jane's 'wedding' dress? Nearly as bad as the one Sharon wore when she married Pill
Yes, didn't like Jane's dress at all, yet they were all oohing and aahing over it!
## Margo - "What are the odds on Danny Dyer managing not to swear!

Slim, he's DANNY ***' DYER!!!!!!!!! ##

And he also thinks the sun shines from his own A/H, and apparently has upset a few of the long term actors, thinking he has saved the show.
Question Author
I can see that may be so. I have seen him on a couple of chat shows and he seems a bit up his own bum
I couldn't understand a word Danny Dyer said on the Graham Norton show. I also wasn't sure whether June Brown was suffering from dementia or she was p!ssed...
Where did you get that info, trt?

The chat shows I've seen him on he's been quite funny.
Lol Craft...I think she was a bit *** drinking all the Ribena...
Question Author
The last couple of times I've see June Brown on chat shows she has appeared to be slightly inebriated! Thought Nasty Nick looked a bit embarrassed.
This monster thinks its Cindy who is the killer ? After all see stole £10.000 from the caravan tried to frame everyone including Lucy. Also who handed Jane the card from the table the other night with I know who killed Lucy. And she had access to the house.

Question Author
Now that's a different slant. I must admit I had forgotten all about the £10,000 she stole. It 's interesting how they slot the live and recorded bits together. Jacqueline Jossa having her baby at the weekend must have throw a spanner in the works!
It was PETER.
Tanya is next to die for calling Ian Adam (his real name ) in the live bit.LOL
Question Author
Well congratulations to Alwaysconfused , Tinkerbell, Danny and Mummybee the only ones to come up with the correct answer! Perhaps Auntie or Ed can come up with a special ' Supersleuth' badge for you all!
Question Author
Well well - think I must go and have a lie down, the bookies were right after all. Young Bobby the little rogue! More twists and turns that fusilli pasta.
Bobby was installed as 3/1 fav 2 days back after not even being in the first 15 in betting. Think they got hold of a script?
Ian's youngest son, and Jane is going to take the blame ? and I am gong to bed with my Horlicks, Goodnight all.
who is Horlicks clare ? lol night night xx
Question Author
But fishy Ken - I wonder how many people will be involved in getting the bady away? Don't believe a child of Bobby's age could have kept quiet about it for nearly a year. Live episode tomorrow will be interesting
Question Author
My congratulation to Alwaysconfused, Tinkerbell, Danny and Mummybee may have been premature! The question now is who moved the body?
People compared it to the shooting of Mr Burns by Maggie. The thing that Bart wrote on the blackboard in the reveal episode seems apt: I WILL NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT THE SOLUTION WHEN I HEAR IT.

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Eastenders - So Who Killed Lucy?

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