Why Is Katie Hopkins Still Writing Her Column In The Sun?

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andres | 15:22 Sat 24th Jan 2015 | Media & TV
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I always thought that the inmates of Big Brother house didn't have any contact with the outside world for the length of their stay. Or have I misunderstood? Katie Hopkins is still writing her column for the Sun newspaper.


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Do you mean Katie Price ?
No...he means Katie Hopkins, she's still writing her column while in the house.

I can only guess she's contracted to.
I didn't know Katie Hopkins wrote for the Sun, I know Price does ??
Question Author
Yes I meant Katie Hopkins.
Question Author
Katie Hopkins writes for the Sun
Lol...and I didn't know Katie price did.
Perhaps she doesn't, maybe I'm getting confused !
I've checked, Katie Price has (or did have) a column in the Sun on Sundays, that's why I was confused andres. Would have thought the Sun too downmarket for Katie Hopkins !
Question Author
chaptazbru2-- Katie Hopkins is writing her column and discussing the other contestants in the House. This doesn't seem fair to me.
It's celebrity big brother though, not ordinary big brother, different rules apply.
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Forgot about this ethandron.So I Googled it and found out that there are 14 basic rules including one forbidding contact with the outside world and another one saying -- no phones, laptops,computers, writing materials plus lots of other items were also not allowed. So how Katie H. is doing it is a mystery.

//Would have thought the Sun too down market for Katie Hopkins !//

Just had to clean tea off my monitor.;-)

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Why Is Katie Hopkins Still Writing Her Column In The Sun?

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