Saturday Kitchen With Caroline Quentin

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Supermike | 12:16 Sat 22nd Mar 2014 | Media & TV
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Am I watching Saturday Kitchen or the Caroline Quentin show? Someone please shut her up! She is like Sylvana Rowe but without the cooking ability or the sense of humour. No wonder they are all voting for her to eat the "Hell" dish!


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I haven't noticed.

I don't understand how people get so annoyed about TV.
correct! THE most annoying guest EVER on there
Yes a bit overbearing, she has told us so may times she lives in Devon and her son plays cricket. although James Martin does keep talking to his guests while he is cooking and asks them all about their career lives etc sometimes you just want to see him cook and tell us about the dish and recipe.
James Martin can do no wrong in my eyes. I don'tcare who the guests are.

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Saturday Kitchen With Caroline Quentin

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