Suzanna Reid Dress On Bbcbreakfast Today

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MustangLady | 08:10 Wed 26th Feb 2014 | Media & TV
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Suzanna looking lovely again this morning. I'm loving her white dress, anyone know where to buy this dress. Is it available in any stores? Thank you


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She always does. But sorry I have no idea about dress shopping.
one approach that has worked on AB before is to tweet her using twitter
I was just going to say the same bibble. Give her a tweet, she replied to the other Aber
It looks very much like an old Zara dress...Holly Willobooby wore it first.
Found looks slightly different due to way the print appears when it's made
I just found the same link as Robinia but the dress isn't on the Zara website that I can see.
No Rocky, Susanna is sooo last
Lol Robinia, tis a pretty dress though, better than most of the guff that's on the website now.
Yes, it was popular when Holly wore it. There's nothing wrong with last year's fashion, I've got clothes older than some people on this site, but if you're on tv there's often a chance that people are going to want to copy the clothes.
who is this suzanna reid ?
Dunno, anne.
tony,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what are you wearing today ?
She should have her own show where she can just flirt with the camera.
Don't really want to say, anne. However I will say that it doesn't clash with Suzanna's White dress.
Ummm be careful what you wish for,as far as I know she will be getting and doing just that shortly on Daybreak on the other side.
She's normally flashing her knickers, and she has really bad fake tan
Apart from that she's ok

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Suzanna Reid Dress On Bbcbreakfast Today

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