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Make Bradford British

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Seadragon | 15:53 Fri 02nd Mar 2012 | Film, Media & TV
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Don't know if this has already been covered elsewhere, can't see it here but 'Make Bradford British,' on channel4 at 9 last night was really good and would recommend next week's episode to watch or 4catchup.

The shocking revelation for me was the ex-cop who confessed to going '***-bashing' in the past. The Magistrate and the Muslim girl were brilliant and watching the inner struggles of the others or not in some cases was also really interesting.

Radio 5 were in the morning were discussing whether it is essential for communities to integrate. I missed the discussion as I had to be somewhere else and I write this quickly as I am in and out all day today.

Just wanted to recommend it if it hasn't been so as I thought it was really really good.


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I also thought this was well worth watching. Interesting watching the Muslim girl taking the very devout Muslim guy to task over disrupting the group by going off to the mosque every couple of hours.
i don;t think he said he went *** bashing i think he was recounting a story in which he said to an asian he worked with lets go *** bashing meant as a joke i think this related to somethign from 20 odd years ago (i was rowing wth fatty about it at the time so can't be 100% sure)

his argument was it shouldn't be found offensive as he didn't mean it that way and that he wouldn't of said it if he didn;t think the person he was with at the time wouldn't of understood it was meant as a jokey comment

he couldn't understand why the others in the group reacted badly to it. one of the girls parents had been a victom of **** bashing in the past and he just couldn;t see it
I wtached this programme and enjoyed it. They were a good mix of characters and I thought Rashid the muslim guy who couldn't plan too far ahead cos of hs prayer schedule was a hoot! The older guy didn't condone p*** bashing, but he came from an era which was not so pc and didn't seem to realise that he can't speak like that now! I loved the Magistrate, she talked a lot of common sense. It's on again next week and will look forward to it.
I saw it and agree with Mccfluff that I think the ex-policeman was just recounting the banter he had with his Pakistani colleague. I don't think it was malicious at the time nor did he mean it to cause offence now I just think it was a rather misjudged anecdote. It was very interesting to watch and I look forward to seeing how they get on after a few more days together.
Question Author
I just been listening again to the story part on catchup and I can see that the cop didn't mean what he said when he would say to the Pakistani Special Constable 'Come on let's go .... ****-bashing', this is in the 1960's but to me it showed quite clearly his ignorance to others feelings as he didn't appreciate the impact of those words then or even now when he quite comfortably called the other guy a 'black ****' as an example that he wouldn't call him that if he really thought of him as such.

It was interesting that in the end the ex-cop said that, he being the oldest one has alot to learn. And if anything, the programme showed that since he lives in a predominantly 'white' area of Bradford, it took this experiment for him to realise how insensitive he has been to others.

There is alot to talk about in this programme but I commend the two Yassen and Lori? (I think) who put this particular group together. They are an intelligent bunch who are bravely taking that step to address their own perception of others religion and colour.

I felt really proud that we together have come along way since 30 years ago. There is still a great deal of racism in some parts and there is wonderful multiculturalism in other parts. Above all the fact that people are trying to respect others and their views and trying to see people as human beings I think is what made this programme so intriguing and fascinating to watch.
I worked in our Bradford office for 3 months and loved the place. However, we always used to go for cocktails during happy hour on a Thursday night, and one week my clerical assistant, who was Indian, asked if she could come along. She obviously wasn't used to drinking and after a couple of drinks we put her into a taxi and sent her home.
The next day she had a right go at me for putting her into "a dirty, smelly, P*** taxi".................
Craft -

Your story reminds me of a similar one. Many years ago, a certain Pakistani guy who lived in my home town was arrested, charged and found guilty of aiding and abetting Kashmiri terrorists. His friends staged a demonstration outside our local council offices calling for his release.

I was returning from an out of town meeting with a colleague of mine - an Indian chap who was himself an immigrant – and as we walked through the car park, past the demonstration to get into our offices, he said to me (under his breath), “Bl**dy P*kis. They should send them all home.”. I was quite lost for words.

With regards to “Make Bradford British”, I watched the show and I agree with Seadragon - it's absolutely fascinating. I particularly warmed to the young asian girl and the ex-magistrate – they both seem like really nice people.
Whats the problem in calling a Pakistani a ***? Aussies call the Brits Poms, we call them Aussies!
↑ I agree. Context is everything.

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