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Corry v's Eastenders

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Insane Wally | 09:47 Tue 10th May 2005 | Film, Media & TV
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Has anyone else noticed that on weekdays, when Eastenders follows Corry, Corry starts just after 7:30 & slightly overruns into Eastenders.

 I noticed on Sunday (a day when Eastenders doesn't follow) Corry started just before 7:30.



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I had noticed, only in as much as if I turn over at half past for a programme it usually starts at 33 minutes past, rarely is in on time or ever early, but when I turn from ITV to watch EE the prog has already started by a few mins.  Andy is probably right though (he usually is!) and we just being super paranoid!

Yes, especially on a monday (it happens every monday).  There is not a half hour gap between the 2 episodes of corrie, so if you are trying to tape all three episodes, which I have tried to do unsuccessfully.


We have got round this by recording the first one on the irish channels

The tv companies deliberately adjust the start finish times of tv programmes to disrupt the viewing of their rival's programmes. There was big uproar in all the newspapers last year when the BBC deliberately ran a 33-34 minute episode of Eastenders so that those viewers turning over to watch Corrie missed that first few minutes and the gay kiss which it had been building up to for months. Consequently it is now a fairly popular tactic between rival broadcasters and they can cover it up extremely well.


Obviously there are instances when the programme would be running later than scheduled for legitimate reasons eg a live programme slightly overrunning, a sports event starting late or an impromptue news bulletin etc. It is rare that a programme will start early though

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Corry v's Eastenders

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