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Harry Won YAY !!!!!

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notasyoungasiwas | 23:19 Sat 17th Dec 2011 | Film, Media & TV
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Strictly was BRILLIANT tonight - what a show!


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Agree totally
Awesome...awesome. But seriously, I think Chelsee said Thankyou in that Mancunian accent once too often...drove me up t'wall
I have been rooting for Chelsee most of the way through but Harry has really grown on me and I didn't mind which of them won.
Harry's win went down well in this house!
Question Author
I have to be honest, I liked all three finalists, but Harry just had the edge for me. I loved it when all his band mates ran on and Brucie kept saying 'get off', 'get off'! No more Strictly for 12 months - nooooooooooo!!
more likely 10, feels like its been on for months
Tonight's was the 13th show so virtually 3 months - you only have to wait until next September for it to begin again. Plus there's the Christmas show to look forward to.
I assume the winner is not judged on dancing ability, as Jason got most points.
Not half. crafty :(
I'm glad Donovan didn't win. Unlike the other 2 finalists, he has plenty of dancing experience before strictly.

For me, Harry was the most consistent throught the whole series. Would be good to see Chelsee and Harry dance together.
i hoped that chelsee would win, she is a little fire cracker, but Harry was a well deserved winner. Good show, and i rarely watch it these days.
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FoxLee - I realised after my last post that it wouldn't be 12 months as it starts in September like you said and the way time flies it'll be here before I can blink!

I agree Chelsee was good em and I bet there weren't many points between her and Harry.
It never is who the best dancer is - it's always who the public like best ..Same with X Factor - cue Little Mix!

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Harry Won YAY !!!!!

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