hollywood women's upper lips:-(

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bunkmoreland | 02:55 Sat 17th Dec 2011 | Media & TV
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why do they all go for that frozen look that looks awful? you have an actress that is so good,but they ruin their street cred by the frozen upper lip syndrome? don't ask me for a link,we all know it is ever present and ghastly!


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As a British male, brought up not long after WW2, I was always taught that a 'stiff upper lip' was something to be greatly admired ;-)

OK, I know what you really mean!
I am not particularly engaged by 'celebrity' stuff, but what I notice is how very difficult it is becoming to tell many of the women apart - they all seem to combine very shiny tight faces, ski-slope nose and strangely spread-out lips - but in addition the continual subtle 'work' that they have done means that the likes of me, dipping inot photos from time to time, sees someone whose face is simply not the face they started out with.
I looked at a few minutes of Cougar Town t'other evening - Jennifer Aniston's face is simply not the same person as the JA who was in friends. It isn't that the face has aged - not a line in sight - but the chin / eyebrows / mouth / eye angle have all changed.
Goldie Hawn is a spectactular example of this: if you did not have a label telling you it is her, there is very little resemblance between the face of the Rowan and Martin's good-time girl to the present person's face.
Aren't they all having some sort of treatment - fat from their bums injected into their lips?

The silicone implant surgeons have to make a living somehow...
i thought its just botox?
I'm not sure if Jennifer Garner has had her top lip done, or if she just has an Angelina mouth.
haha well she always has some sort of difficulty moving up mouth or face for that matter to show emotion. i think its just bad acting :O
She's good in Alias.
No, it's true.
It's like the Benny Hill Show on here, LOL.
so where are the jiggly blondes?
oh well, the serious answer is that Hollywood isn't interested in women over 30 or so. Meryl Streep said that once she hit 40 the only roles she got offered were grannies and witches. So to keep your job you have to look young.
Just what is the big deal with blondes ????

no idea, but iirc that was what most of Benny Hill's "supporting actresses" were.

Funniest thing about him was the way he said how sad it was when Frankie Howerd died. Only for it to turn out he'd been dead himself at the time. His agent had fabricated a quote without checking that his client was still on this earth.

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hollywood women's upper lips:-(

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