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Anybody know who this actor is and what they are filming?

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andy.savage | 16:51 Sat 22nd Oct 2011 | Film, Media & TV
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While in London last Sunday, spotted some filming being done on Duke's Road, Camden, London. Looks like its set in the 1940's going by the dress.

I have posted some photographs of the Actor and some scenes here :


Any ideas?



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Could it be Foyle's War? My daughter and I saw them filming that a couple of years ago and it looked similar!
He looks like that fella who plays Mary's fiance in Downton Abbey, Iain Glenn.
Although it does look a little like Jude Law, it's not too clear on my phone.
Does Look a bit like Jude Law

According to imdb he's currently filming Anna Karenina...Could it be that?
not foyles war, at least not the actor michael kitchen, it seems to be set in that time, WW2. he looks like a young kurt russell, perhaps its the tache.
sure not jude law, the only other person thought might be is david morrissey, but can't tell for sure.
not sure if it is Jude Law, he went to same primary school as me
andy, if you are still around, do you have the exact date you took the photos, as i have asked someone to look into it. I am curious too, in case you wondered.
ok, looking through says 16th october, that might help
you could try asking them as would give the licence.
i did and they have given me a name of a film, but it doesn't pan out, or at least i can't get any further with it.
Question Author
Thanks to all who have answered. Yes the photos were taken on sunday 16th october 2011 about 11am.
What was the name of the film they said was being filmed?
Looks like your man norton of the telly asking what that big camera do then

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Anybody know who this actor is and what they are filming?

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