audio books an comedy tv and audio sites? or cheap?

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joko | 23:48 Thu 19th May 2011 | Media & TV
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anyone know where i can download just the audio of comedy shows, standup and films?

not brand new stuff - just anything really.

preferably free or very cheap



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There's plenty of comedy freely available on Youtube, Joko.

All you need is a service to convert the files to Mp3. If you google 'Youtube mp3' you'll find loads of online services (and some software programs) that can extract the audio from a Youtube video. While I've used some of them in the past, I can't remember which of them are actually much good (so, unless anyone else can help out here, you might need to experiment a bit in order to see what works best).

I use Realplayer and download loads of stuff from Youtube. It will then convert it to MP3 for you. You have to make sure that you listen to the track on Youtube first though and make sure that it is recorded witha high enough volume and is of good enough quality.
If you use iplayer on your PC then Freecorder will save the audio as a MP3 file.

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audio books an comedy tv and audio sites? or cheap?

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