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joeluke | 23:14 Mon 25th Apr 2011 | Film, Media & TV
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Just watching it for the first time in many years......and now I know why!

It's become a 'let's try to get as many laughs as possible' show, Sue Barker is a crap host, the 2 team captains are prats (Matt Dawson and Phil Tuffnel), and there's even non-sporting 'celebrities' on each team now

Oh for the days of David Coleman, David Vine, Bill Beaumont, Emlyn Hughes, Ian Botham

No wonder it's now on so late at night, as opposed to being on at primetime (8:30) in he days when it was good


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I agree jl............I used to watch it every week, I haven't bothered for ages now.
Last time I watched it, they were playing some type of chirade's game, completely lost its way as a quality sports quiz!

they seem to be attempting to be like "they think its all over" , which apart form the host (who I couldnt stand) I quite enjoyed, but was completely different to QOS!

Perhaps there trying to attract a younger viewer?
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