Premier Inn KIng Size Beds

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KJN | 12:55 Sun 24th Apr 2011 | Media & TV
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Why are Premier Inn telling us on their advert that their rooms have King Size Beds in, I recently stayed in one of their hotels and it certainly did not have a king size bed .Maybe its time to put them right? Anybody else stayed there recently, would love to know if you had the same problem.


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King of Liliput?
Are you sure they don't have them only in their most expensive rooms?
According to their site a universally access bedroom ( handicapped or not ) will only have a double bed as there is not enogh room for a king size one.
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Thanks for your answers, you have clarified what I wanted to know which is the ad is misleading . Many Thanks
Do they state that *all* their rooms have King-size beds in ?

If not, it is not misleading.
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The advert actually states"with King size beds" which I take as all rooms have king size beds, they do not state that some rooms have king size beds, which maybe it should.
we used to notice in the Lenny Henry ad where he lays on the bed that while he talks about king size, the bed he is on is deffo NOT....they took that ad off.
That's what they want you to infer from what they have said.......

Providing *some* of their rooms have KSB, as advertised/stated, and they do not claim that *all* their rooms have, they are not being misleading (according to the law, in any case).
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Thanks for your answers I guess "according to the law" covers this misleading ad which I still think is unethical.

Thanks for your help.
I'd also like to know where you can get rooms for £29? I book with them for work quite often and minimum is £69 not including breakfast. Not long ago they qoted £111 a night in Tewkesbury because it was Cheltenham week.

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Premier Inn KIng Size Beds

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