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excavation leaving 12ft drop eroding our land

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the-little-fairy | 21:39 Fri 14th Jan 2011 | Law
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My neighbour has excavated along the boundary line leaving a sheer 12-15ft drop which is now eroding significantly, I have 2 toddlers so i'm worried about them falling, he nailed some stock wire to my only remaining tree (he pulled the other dozen or so out with his digger) but the one post he used has now no earth left around it. I can now only get 1 car on the car park (used to be able to park 2) it also looks a right mess, he's also blocked our access accross his land with mega boulders, again using his JCB so I can't get any deliveries in (our drive is very steeep and narrow so you can only get a car up it) we are a the end of our tether and so un-happy and desperate, we have just seen a solicitor but don't have the funds to make him put this right, I even had to be carried to an ambulane when in labour with my son as the ambulance could not get in. Some body please help me!

He's a farmer, and yes he's told us he wants to own every thing, he alredy owns all of the land around us, and baught the land next door 4 years ago when it came up for sale, we tried to sell last year and he wrote a letter to our estate agents telling them he wanted our oak trees that he built his new bungalow under cut down! He came to see us the day we moved in to tell us he wanted us to sue the previous owners of our house, as they didn;t tell us their had been disputes, he's been causioned by the police for assulting me and now he's started stopping people that visit us wanting to know what they want here, he's well known in the area!!

Copies of posts from we have been told some one here may be able to help us


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Question Author
Exactly my point, this is how this is effecting us all!
Contact the planning department because that kind of excavation would require planning permission and it doesn't sound like it has it - the rest of it (access, boundaries etc) are all civil matters that you need to engage a solicitor to deal with and, unfortunately, pay for it yourself - although you can also make a claim for costs against your neighbour.
Little Fairy.. I will see if I can find Barmaid to ask her advice.
SOrry if some regulars here dont believe your story... there are a few hoax members out there who post wild stories to entertain themselves and you have been mistaken for one!
Actually DTcrosswordfan and Mick-Talbot I can vouch for the fact this is no hoax thread.. I recommended Little Fairy come here from another forum as I thought maybe some of you lovely regulars may be able to advise..

I read the thread elsewhere and was horrified by what she is being subjected to by the Farmer...

Surely there must be a solution - other than spending £10k on an injunction (which sometimes are never worth the paper they are written on)
Question Author
Thank you so much, the last thing I need right now is more people making me feel like any of this is our fault, things are getting worse, not eating much, not sleeping, crying a lot of the time, can't move with it looking like this, but can't live here either.

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excavation leaving 12ft drop eroding our land

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