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Can I sue someone for making a false allegation in court?

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twillight | 17:09 Sat 28th Aug 2010 | Law
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I have been stitched up by neighbour upstairs who is a very malicious person. In June of this year I was convicted of harassing her, however, I am not guilty of the charge and I am appealing against the decision. Please note that I did NOT have legal representation in court, the hearing was a total fiasco with other complications that arose.

Subsequent to that, I was arrested and charged with 'Intimidation of a Witness' - being the neighbour again! This time she fabricated evidence that I had threatened to kill her. This subsequent case was thrown out of court last week after the neighbour gave testimony. On oath she maliciously claimed that I kicked doors in the hall, including hers and then shouted threats at her at 2pm. However, in court I provided evidence that on the day in question I actually attended a job interview at 3pm in North London (I live in West London). It is proven that the journey could not have been done in one hour, it took me 1.25 hours.

For the appeal hearing I need as much evidence against this woman as possible. She has made other false allegations, one of which cannot exactly be disproved, but there is strong evidence that it is not true. I would like to be able to sue the neighbour for the false allegation she made in the 2nd court case. What are my chances of success, especially since I am currently convicted?


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I don't think anybody can be sued for what they say in court.

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Can I sue someone for making a false allegation in court?

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