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BRIANTHESNAIL | 00:15 Sat 19th Dec 2009 | Law
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I am up in front of the traffic commissioner soon, i have a pcv license and failed to notify about criminal convictions, wich are now spent, .... possesion of firearms and section 20 wounding 12 months custodial from 1998 and section 47 assault community punishment order and fine from 2003,
Somebody else told the traffic commissioner recently. , although i have been a bus driver for almost 12 years without incident. Any idea what the outcome of the hearing will be??


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Please dont apologise, its fine.
You may be pleased to know that as from 2006 the police deal with informing the relevant licensing authority automatically as a person is charged with an offence, including minor traffic offences, this is a safeguard against "forgetful" people like myself.
Although i obtained my pcv license legally, it should have been revoked at the first offence, had i or my employer followed the correct procedure.
The irony of it is, had i never held a pcv license in the first place, as of 2008 i could have applied for a first pcv license with a clean slate and nothing to stop me obtaining one, albeit with limited use due to the strict safeguards in place to screen school bus drivers and various other contract services, wich involves enhanced checks into background, and any offences even very minor will exclude a driver from these contracts.
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