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Wrong fuel in vehicle

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sigma | 09:53 Tue 06th Jan 2009 | Law
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If a petrol engined car is filled with diesel or vice versa and the fuel is drained from the fuel tank by a garage, who has ownership of the drained fuel, the garage or the owner of the vehicle.


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The owner of the vehicle.
Technically I woulod imagine that the vehicle owner retains possession, since he paid for the fuel to be in the vehicle in the first place.

If the garage are claiming it, i would suggest you deduct the fuel cost from their final account when you pay, and ask them if they consider that to be reasonable.

To be honest, as the fuel will be contaminated, it may not be of use to anyone, and you may have to accept your loss as part of the problem.

It's certainly a grey area, but I would not be keen to upset the people who's assistance you need - namely the garage - until the car is fixed and running again.
Just what do you plan to do with it?
the owner of the vehicle

I filled my petrol car up with diesel once. The garage stored the diesel for a week and then my dad used it in one of his lorries as there was little petrol in it.

My dad found it highly amusing that id done it and took mick constantly for 2 weeks until he filled a diesel truck with petrol.
i thought diesel nozzles were too big to fit into petrol filler things
Perhaps it was an old car with a wide fuel inlet
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This has not happened to me I just wanted clarification from a legal point of view. The question of wrong fuel frequently arises in the motoring section of AB abnd the majority of people are under the apprehension that the fuel belongs to the garage that drains the fuel tank.
are they? i cant see ive ever noticed any of them asking who owns it.
But as panic says, what would they do with it? Id certainly not put petrol that had diesel in it in m,y car.

dadnchip, my honda import happily accepted a diesel nozzle.
morning red *waves manically*
redcrx- maybe thats because it was an import

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Wrong fuel in vehicle

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