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Threatened With Extreme Physical Violence - What Would You Do?

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starrs | 10:28 Mon 04th Aug 2008 | Law
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On Saturday morning I caught a bus for a very short journey. As we took a left turn to enter the train station car park I asked the driver if he could let me off there instead of going another 80 yards to the next stop. He mumbled something under his breath in a seemingly polite manner so I just said thanks. But as he slowed down to let me off he started making sarcastic comments like "next time get a taxi" and "i'm not a taxi service". He continued with similar comments as I got off. At this point I told him to "f*****g go away". As he pulled away he started to swear very loudly. I was starting to get a little annoyed now so I punched one of the windows at the rear of the bus. He stopped the bus for a few seconds but then carried on to the next stop. I then walked into the newsagents and the bus turned around in the train station and came back past the newsagents to continue his journey. But he stopped outside the shop and leaned out of the cab and started threatening me. Firstly he said "the next time I f*****g see you i'm going to f*****g run you over" and then he said "I'm going to get a f*****g knife and stick it in your f*****g belly. The only other 2 people in the shop were the newsagent and a young boy about 10-12 years old. The young boy left the shop straight away (I guess I would have done the same if I was his age) and although the newsagent heard the driver swearing he didn't hear the actual threats of violence. I have to say that when it was all over I was pretty shaken up and the newsagent told me to inform the bus company immediately. I have never been spoken to in that manner before but part of me has put it down to the driver having a bad day but then I think about all the knife violence occurring at the moment and what if the driver does carry a knife to defend himself and uses it on someone who he is having a disagreement with. I admit that I may not be blameless here but his reaction was just scary. My question is what would you do?


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tit for tat, I'd say.

yes, the driver was over the top, but you pushed the scenario further than necessary.
Sort of agree with Tetjam (now there's something I thought I'd never do!). You threw a tantrum and punched the bus window??? Seriously?

However I agree, his reaction was extreme, but if I was you I'd put it down to him having had a belly full of ar$y customers that particular day and he snapped. Believe me, I work in a customer facing job too and people on the whole are complete and utter twonks- he was obviously just venting.
U sound like an ar5e

Whether or not you have witnesses who are willing to come forward you should absolutely report the bus driver.

You never know - he may have done this before. And it's not relevent whether he had a bad day. It doesn't excuse his behaviour.
So you told the bus driver to f off then punched his window and wondered why he was mad?? Sounds to me like you have behavioural problems.
I keep quiet. I would expect the train station car park to have some form of CCTV and if they are alerted to the incident and see you punching the windows, you are liable to get into more trouble than the driver.

Have you considered attending an Anger Management course?
The problem as you have now found out is that when you start slinging yor weight around, sometimes some people's aren't intimidated and will have a go back.
This scared you? Count yourself lucky that the bloke didn't follow through on his promises and next time don't start punching buses and swearing at the driver.
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Ya dont think his behaviour was somehow justified after someone told him to "F-ing go away" then punched his bus SP?
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And why should the bus driver let you off when there wasn't a bus stop? I'll have to try that. "Hey driver drop me of at my door"
and.. you seem to be concerned about the kids in the shop, but did you check to see how the other passengers on the bus felt when you carried out your attack? did you see the look of horror on their faces? were there any kids? frail old ladies??

I'd rather meet the driver in a dark alley than you. you evidently have anger-management issues.
Maybe it was Reg Varney and he was in a rush to get back to the depot as he was taken one of the 'clippies' out on a date. As usual the hapless Stan will encounter all kind of logistical problems that will end up in him not being able to take her out. His unlikely sex symbol counterpart, Jack will end up in bed with her.
starrs, seems you are not getting much sympathy here.

Have to say I agree with most people here.

You were a bit cheeky asking to be dropped off at a place that was NOT a stop, but when he did as you asked you then proceeded to swear at him and punch his bus.

While his reaction was over the top I have to say you seemed to start it, and as others have said, if this comes to the attention of the police could well be done yourself for criminal damage.

I would keep quiet about it, and next time DONT swear at someone and DONT try to damage their vehicle.

Next time you could puch a car, and 4 burly blokes could jump out and sort you out.

Dur...I skim read the posting. I've just re-read the whole story carefully, and I partially retract what I wrote before.

Looks a lot more like six of one and half a dozen of the other now.

What starrs did was stupid and he started the whole situation. However, unfortunately, the bus driver should have not retaliated in the way he did - driving a public service vehicle and behaving in the manner he did whilst in the vehicle. Whilst in charge of the bus he is representing the bus company and not himself.

I can understand why the driver reacted as he did, but he was wrong to do so.
Let's ignore the rights and wrongs of who started what and why.

You should only fight someone if you have absolutely no alternative. You can't calm the person down, you can't run you can't get help.

You should absolutely never fight someone over pride - a "you said this or that" "you affronted my girlfriend/familly etc"


Because however tough and hard you are one day you'll meet someone tougher or armed or with friends.

Even if you "win" a fight there's a strong chance you'll end up in court.

My Karate senseii says "You don't win a fight - you survive one"

I think that's good advice - I've always taken it - I think you should too
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Threatened With Extreme Physical Violence - What Would You Do?

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