What's the law if a neighbour burns something in their garden?

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Sonak | 20:03 Fri 16th May 2008 | Law
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the smoke is getting everywhere and we've had to close all windows and I'm cooking so its really hot!

Can they do this?


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they cannot burn certain things that would affect the environment, your local council will have a policy on this if not the fire brigade, if it is a substantial but controlled fire they should have asked the fire officer for permission to burn it, as I understand it
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There is no law saying that bonfires are illegal. However, Smoke from a bonfire (or any other process of burning) can be considered a Statutory nuisance and as such can be dealt with under the environmental protection act 1990. Your local Authority MUST deal with stat. nuisances, and this act states that the Local Authority SHALL serve notice to abate a statutory nuisance where they know or have reason to believe that a nuisance exists or is likely to exist. You will have to show that the nuisance is substantial though. In my experience, a bonfire more than once a month could be considered a stat nuisance is there was copious smoke which was causing you to shut windows. In fact, just the fact that you have to go indoors and cannot enjoy your garden is enough, but again, it would have to be quite regular for it to be considered a problem. Once every few months would probably not be considered a nuisance.
is dog droppings , which is left for days on end a "statutory nuisance " ...... i had neighbours , who were "non poop scoopers " ..they prefered to , "let the dog **** ROT , and lets all smoke POT** ) ---- the neighbours had the liking for substances and dog poop ....

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What's the law if a neighbour burns something in their garden?

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