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Can they do this? Does it comply with Trading Standards?

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curly~sue | 15:27 Mon 21st Apr 2008 | Law
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My brother in law took his Playsyation3 back to where he bought it (Comet) at the weekend as it no longer works. He was told that they have to arrange for it to be collected by a courier and it will be replaced with a reconditioned unit- not just temporarily, that will be the replacement !

How can this be right ? He has only had it for about 4 months! He wanted to check that they can do this before he sends it away (and never sees it again) !


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I think a bit more info is needed, like how old is it, was it reconditioned to start with, etc etc
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Sorry Postdog, his PS3 is only four months old. It was brand new when it was purchased. Thank you.
I can't see the problem with this. If they offered to repair it instead of replacing then he wouldn't end up with a new one either. If they replaced like for like he should get back a working 4 month old model.
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But shouldn't it have a standard guarantee Twenty20? I'm really not sure, hence the question but I would've thought they either offer to repair the one you have or replace it with a new one, not one that could have been used 24/7? I know I wouldn't have been happy to accept it either.
Get in touch with your local Trading Standards or CA, they will tell you where you stand.
Sony are very quick at replacing them same week usually. This is the prefered way of doing it. Sony have made a couple of modifications to the PS3, so in some cases the newer ones are not as good as the older ones, if they were to blanket swap for new ones you might get one inferior to the one you had.

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Can they do this? Does it comply with Trading Standards?

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