legal age to serve alcohol in a pub/restaurant

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bertiesmum | 13:12 Sat 21st Jul 2007 | Law
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hi could someone please tell me how old you have to be to serve/take orders for alcohol in a pub/restaurant


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As stated on scores of occasions recently, there is no minimum age except that set down by education rules.
Where alcohol is served with food (e.g. by a waiter/waitress), there is no minimum age.

When alcohol is served on its own (e.g. at the bar) any person under 18 must have permission (for that particular sale) from a licensee (or any other adult designated, as being allowed to give permission, by the licensee). The situation is similar to what happens in supermarkets when a check-out assistant, under 18 years old, sells alcohol. He/she can do so, but must seek permission from an adult colleague. (The store manager can't give 'blanket permission' to the young person. Every sale has to be individually approved).

Although a restaurant can set its own limits - they could refuse to serve anyone under 30!
i have been serving since the age of 16 with the licensee present, when he was not there i could not serve so i dont think there is any age

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legal age to serve alcohol in a pub/restaurant

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