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can they really do this to me or will they be compasionate?

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jmaths26 | 23:25 Fri 18th May 2007 | Law
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Good day/evening ladies and gentlemen. My question is this: I have recently passed my driving test this week. im 26 years of age and I am a full time field engineer. I was caught driving with no insurance while holding a provisional licence, this was a few months back. now that I have passed this week I have a full driving licence and I am fully insured. I need this licence in order for me to do my job as its not a static one. I am literally driving all over the place.
The following day after passing my test the a letter from the court relating to the offence couple months back as now come to pass, can the court put points on my current full driving licence even though it occured when I had a provisional licence?
My full driving lisence needs to be a clean one, and compounding the situation is the fact that I am a new driver under this 2 year probation scheme that stipulates that 6 points or more will be a revoke of my licence.
Can someone plese help me. on how to deal with this or what to say in court any hints will be a great benifit. Thanks for reading this. p.s i reside in the u.k london
Thank you


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similar thing happened to my cousin, he had passed though, but because he was a mechanic he was let off with no points but a huuuge fine in com[parison to his earnings and bound over for a year (im not sure if thats the right term but it was something like that).
only way to avoid points is to get a good solicitor ,and try to convince the court to impose a short disqualification . You would then still keep your full licence and not revert to being a provisional licence holder. Also you would then be clear of points , but you would face an increase in your insurance . By the way i pay insurance and hope if some half wit hits me that he also has paid insurance. Don't expect miracles you may well end up out of a job and back as a provisional driver
Just remember that whatever happens, you have done it to yourself.

You must have only been in this job for less than a week and it's very likely you're going to lose it.
Guideline for this type of offence 6 - 8 points plus fine and costs. Your aggravating feature is you were driving whilst not holding a full licence.Were you accompanied I presume you were otherwise you would also be charged with driving otherwise in accordance with your licence .
I think that you will be very luicky indeed not to get points no matter what story you tell to the court
Get a solicitor. Most courts will NOT supply a free one for driving offences nowadays so be expected to pay about a grand, more if necessary.

Further be prepaired to increas you insurance premium. If you do nottell your insurers you may well find yourself driving again without any.

If a company insurance, again you must inform them.

If your work requires it, maybe ask your union (if in one) for advice. You may be paying legal cover without knowing it.

I think you will get better answers if you put this in the motoring section.
well I pay my insurance!!! and so should you!
Hope you get banned you tw@t
Question Author
well thanks for the advice people with all the good feedback. i just came back from court and im glad to say i did not get banned. so i am able to do my job. i got 6 points and a 270 fine. but no disqualification due to mitigating circumstances. thanks also to all the haters and morons who aint got nothing better to do with their time than just to make other people feel bad. Unlike most people i thrive on negativity and i use that as my fire to avil an overcome things. (laughing hard)

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can they really do this to me or will they be compasionate?

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