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Property management company

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mug of tea | 10:37 Wed 04th Apr 2007 | Law
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I bought a flat 4 months ago with a parking space. Since then neither the property management company or the builders of the block have provided me with a fob for the underground car park where my space is. Do they have standard SLAs? Can I find them on the internet? My property management company charges me �2400 a year. Is there a law that says I can see what they are spending it on?



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I dont know what sla's are but you can see their accounts throught hee companies house website.
or just ask them
They should provide you with a statement every year which describes exactly what they are spending your money on and their budget for next year! You could ask for a copy of the latest statement. Good luck though, We had a nightmare with our management company when we were leasehold
Property management in Ontario is basically a set of customer-focused services committed to helping maximize one’s profits and simplify operations leading to it. The extensive range of services offered helps one optimize all aspects of the property.


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Property management company

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