Accident in Greece

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mrbumblebee | 12:46 Tue 09th Jan 2007 | Law
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I had a seriouse accident in Greece in 2001. My holiday insurance have been paying for legal work for the last 3 years, now they have informed me that they are not prepared to pay anymore legal fees as they think i only have 50/50/ chance of winning my case, don't know who told them that. So they have offered me 5,000 pounds as a goodwill gesture. Surely there are other avenues i can go down, as Greece are now in EU. Has anyone got some advice. Thank you.


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i would try citizens advice
There are very simple rules governing responsibility for accidents in Greece depending on the nationality of the parties involved. Here is a sample list

Greek and Albanian - it is the Albanian's fault

English and Albanian - ditto

Greek and English - It is the English person's fault

Greek and Greek - it is the fault of the one with the least "connections" (i.e. influential relatives or friends)

English and English - who cares?
Albanian and Albanian (or other Eastern European) ditto
Time to re-read the small print of the policy, in terms of their responsibility to you as the insured to pursue a claim on your behalf. I'll bet there's a clause in their somewhere that allows them to do this. Assuming its a UK insurance policy from a UK company, a route of recourse may be to the insurance ombudsman (which may now come under the FSA?). I don't see that the country of the accident or being in the EU has any bearing on it.

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Accident in Greece

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