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Parking outside your own home - rights.

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PinkFizz | 19:37 Fri 05th Jan 2007 | Law
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Im not sure what the law is on this.

I have just moved house and I don't have a driveway. There are 6 houses on my side of the road(mine is one of these) then there is a side road,and after that there is a large block of flats and then you are way down the road.
Opposite my house is a huge grass verge which anybody can park on but it is quite muddy and holey. Behind that are some maisonettes I think.
We all in these 6 houses park our cars outside our house. But there is this guy that lives way down the road in one of the flats,yet he will only park right outside my house,nowhere else,even thought this grass verge is massive. I end up parking right across the road,which I have tolerated until now,but today I had to go food shopping,and when I got home,lo and behold he was parked there again and I had to cross the main road 8 or nine time with my shopping and trying to hold my son's hand.
There is no reason whatsoever for him to park outside my house,its not even near his flat.
What it the law on this,if any??


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Nobody has the right to park anywhere on a public highway - this man has just as much right as you to park outside your house as you do.

Parking on the verge is an offence, by the way. The fact it has not been enforced opposite your home does not mean that it won't be, one day.
i agree with the above. Everybody is entitled to park (legally) where they want.
Sorry PinkFizz you have no more rights to park on the raod than anyone else.
Yes it's irritating but there is nothing to stop anyone parking anywhere that is legal. There's a bloke round here on some sort of mission, he puts cones outside and everything but people still park there as we are in an area popular with commuters. If you are wondering why there isn't some sort of law, just imagine how you would go about framing such a piece of legislation. "No one can park outside my house but me", right oh, oh ****** now I can't park anywhere in the country on the road except outside my own house! You see the problem!
There is legislation and it is framed thus... it is not legal to park anywhere on the public highway other than in areas specifically set aside for that purpose.

Although the law may not be actively enforced, it does not follow that parking on the public highway is in any way legal.
how old is your son fizz can he keep falling off his bike and scratching the mans car (HUSH HUSH)NEVER SAID A WORD i personally would ask him to stop parking there as i have a child but like others have said park anywere as long as no law is been broke
I'm sure Kempie is right, but it really is most infuriating to have someone using the road outside your house as a regular carpark. I know some folk are perverse enough to park their own car on the road outside their home, despite having a driveway, just to stop others doing so. I know it would be tough, but one answer might be to make it a requirement of registration to have either an authorised or off road place to normally keep the vehicle. I believe this does happen in some parts of the world but don't have any details.
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Hi all.Thanks for all the replies. Yes I see that it would be inpossible to enforce any such law,and to be honest its not just the fact that I can't park outside myself - it the fact that there is no need whatsoever for him to do this.I just can't see why on earth he has chosen outside my house -blooming man!!
I have the same problem. A childminder over the road lives on a private drive which means she can only get her own 2 cars on her drive. All her customers park outside mine, all 10 cars. She has over 12 children there some days. they dont always come at the same time but there are evenings when there is 3 cars at once.
I have a similar problem. A childminder lives across the road on a private drive but only has parking for her 2 cars. Hence they have to park outside my house, bearing in mind she has 10 - 12 children in her care. So thats 10 -12 cars parking and turning outside my house every morning and evening everyday only weekends free. They fly up park whereever they stop in the road sometimes for 15 mins at a time, sometimes 3 at a time. They double park if they cant park and just say they will only be a minute. Then use my drive to turn around in as im at the end of a quiet cul-di-sac. The childminder wont speak to anyone down our street, no neighbourly spirit with her. I know i have no right over the road outside but its just so rude. If it was just 3-4 cars it wouldnt be so bad.

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Parking outside your own home - rights.

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