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Boundary fence

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lizzi | 17:24 Tue 12th Dec 2006 | Law
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I've just moved into a house and the first thing that the man next door said to me was that the fence that is on my boundary side was put up by him (it had no fence there before) and just as a temporary measure because the people who lived in our house had a dog. He was now going to take it down (it was old and rotting!) because I had moved in and - in his words - would probably put up a nice new fence! I was going to at some point in the future when I had the money, so at the minute there is no fence there and I am now very overlooked! The thing that I wanted to ask anyone is when I bought the house, did I buy that boundary fence with it, regardless of who put it up? Did my neighbour have the right to take down a fence that was on my side, although he said that it was his? Many thanks in advance. L.


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ask the previous neighbours if he put the fence up - as why would he put it on their property with the nice side facing them?

ask if he removed one that was already there beforehand

you are under no obligation to pay for and put up a fence.

i expect he is trying it on because he wants a new fence, so call his bluff and tell him if he wants a fence he must put one up, because you are not bothered - i'll bet he leaves his up!

he really should not have removed it until there was a replacement anyway
Have a good read of your title.It will no doubt tell you about who owns what and who is responsiable for what. Then make up your mind.

I suspecthe is "trying it on" but be very cafeful about falling out with the man next door, it can be very expensive.

If the fence was grotty anyway, why not split the difference? If the posts are already there it needn't be expensive. If not plant conifers.
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Thanks for your help guys! L.
Tell him you are thinking of buying a dog!
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Yeah, I did think of that!
Title deeds often do not say who is responsible for fences. The pre-contract enquiry form your seller completed should have included a question about this. Ask your solicitor what was said (he should have given you the information anyway).

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Boundary fence

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