Planning permission asking the developers permission

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Herc | 11:53 Fri 01st Dec 2006 | Law
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We are in the process of selling our house and I need to find/produce the building and planning permission document. Shouldn't be a problem.

In our title deeds it stats that on top of the normal planning permission with also need to get permission from our original developers Ward. The last address I have for them is dated 1979 and I can't imagine that the people we bought from ever asked permission from them. Loads of our neighbours and road have done the same extension type and none of them have ever asked for permission from wards, but it does say it in the deeds so legaly our buyers are correct.

I am annoyed because our original solicitor should have picked this up and followed it up prior to our purchase. If they didn't do I have any come back?

Has anyone else been in a similar situation or have any knowledge of this subject?


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This situation is not unusual. Your solicitor should know that he ought to obtain an Indemnity Policy , the cost for which should not be too prohibitive. This document is handed over to the purchaser on completion and, should the developers ever come into the picture, the purchaser will be covered.
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Many thanks Kristal, but surely my solicitor should have looked into this before we bought the house?

Don't make a fuss over nothing very much. Simply click here and enter the name of your developer. If it cannot be found then the developer has gone out of business and no longer exists so retrospective permission cannot be obtained which your solicitor can confirm and formally notify your purchasers solicitor accordingly and that ends the matter. If your developer is found, write (yourself rather than the solicitor as you should get a better deal) saying that you aware of the oversight by the previous owners and you wish now to regularise the position for your own peace of mind. Permission should be granted for not more than �100, I have settled a lot of these for �50.

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Planning permission asking the developers permission

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